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Caramel Popcorn Line

Mushroom or Butter fly variety of Corn is used to make the popcorn. Pooper can be Hot Air based or Oil Kettle Based. In Caramel popcorn line, we can use hot air popper as well oil kettle popper option. Caramelizing the popcorn is an art and we are pro in that. Right temperature and timing is key for making perfect caramel popcorn. We can customize as your our line as per your requirement. Our segment named POPRACE, is dedicated to popcorn processing equipment.

Popcorn manufacturer line machine
Caramel Popcorn Line

Technical Specifications

Model GTL-50-CNL GTL-100-CNL
Output 100 kg/hr 200 kg/hr
Power Required 60 HP approx. 75 HP approx.
Floor Space 25000 Sq. ft. 35000 Sq. ft.
Material of construction AISS-304 Grade SS AISS-304 Grade SS
Oil Heating Fuel Option Diesel or Gas Diesel or Gas


Hot air popper is used to pop the corn. When the moisture inside the corn reaches specific Fahrenheit it get popped. Butter and mushroom popcorn can be made.


Un-popped corn kernels are removed with the help of shifters

Caramel Slurry Preparation

Sugar and nicely cooked with other ingredients to give the desired texture and thickness while continuous mixing process. This slurry is sprayed or batch coated over the popcorn, For this purpose the slurry mixer and spraying attachments are provided.


Popcorn is mixed with caramel and agitated together to a certain time. It gives even coated popcorn or as desired. To ensure uniform residence time, the rotation speed variable, and other parameters are variables.

Belt dryer

Drying by hot air circulating in the dryer, this gives the popcorn more crunchy taste and increase the shelf life.