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Indian Snack Frying Line

Grace Food Processing & Packaging Machinery® offers Indian Namkeen Snack Frying Line, we are a leading manufacturer of Namkeen Manufacturing Equipment from India. From lentil flour, gram flour delicious snack is prepared by preparing the dough and then deep fried to prepared traditional taste of crispy and tasty Indian Namkeen Snack in variety of texture and shapes with our Automatic Namkeen Production line, we designed pre and post product equipment form raw material mixing to preparing the ready namkeen mixture.

Freshly prepared dough is extruded through the various shaped die and then passed through the Fryer. We have perfect product transportation through the fryer, every single piece of product has exactly the same retention time and no possibility to escape from the flow to stay behind and burn. Then seasoning is done and mixing of different products to make namkeen mixture.

Grace Processing & Packaging® manufactures turnkey solutions for Namkeen Snack Processing and Packaging to ensure optimal production throughout the line. Our solutions include all the necessary units from raw material input to packaging. We have perfected the process of converting freshly prepared dough into deep-fried delicious snacks down to the very last detail. Gentle heat transfer to heat up the frying oil in combination with a small fluctuation in temperature ensures an evenly fried end product.

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Technical Specifications

Model GTL-300-BCL GTL-500-BCL GTL-1000-BCL GTL-2000-BCL
Output 300 kg/hr 500 kg/hr 1000 kg/hr 2000 kg/hr
Power Required 30 HP approx. 45 HP approx. 55 HP approx. 65 30 HP approx
Floor Space 1500 Sq. ft. 2000 Sq. ft. 4000 Sq. ft. 6000 Sq. ft.
Material of construction AISS-304 Grade SS AISS-304 Grade SS AISS-304 Grade SS AISS-304 Grade SS
Oil Heating Fuel Option Diesel or Gas Diesel or Gas Diesel or Gas Diesel or Gas

Multiple product option

Frying product majorly divided into floating and non-floating products, both type of product can be fried in this by changing the pre-fryer equipment

Frying System

Specially designed frying system with wire-mesh belt arranging with precise oil heating control and dwell time control get the optimum frying.

Continuous Oil Filter

While continuous frying operation the oil gets fines released from the product, which degrades the oil quality, in-order to remove those fines we use highly effective oil filtration system designed.

Seasoning system

Snacks need a coating to become tasty, this is done in a coating drum immediately after frying and de-oiling. The coating drum comes in various sizes and has on the inside a self-cleaning profile. To ensure uniform residence time, strips are mounted in the drum. The rotation speed of drum are variable.

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