VFFS Machine with Cup Filler

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VFFS Machine with Cup Filler


Snack Food Products
Cereal and Health Foods
Grains & Seeds
Sugar & Salt
Nuts and Dried Fruit
Granulated Products
Pasta and Pulses
Whole Spices
Hardware & Plastic Components

Application bag type

Side Gusset Bags

Quad Seal Bags

Pillow Bags

Technical Specification

Model GTL-10H-MH GTL-14H-MH

Weigher Specifications

Number of Head in Weigher 10 14
Weighing range 10-1000 g 10-1000
Drop Speed Up to 70 drops / min. Up to 100 drops / min.
Hooper volume 1.6 litres 1.6 litres

VFFS Specification

Technology Intermittent Motion Intermittent Motion
Bag Width Range 75-250 mm 75-250 mm
Maximum Bag Length 375 mm 375 mm
Power Consumption 6 KW/Hr 6 KW/Hr
Air Requirement 4 CFM @ 6 Bar 4 CFM @ 6 Bar
Maximum film reel width 530 mm 530 mm
Maximum film reel diameter 450 mm 450 mm
Core Diameter 76 mm 76 mm
Maximum output 70 bags / min. 70 bags / min.
Horizontal Sealing Driven By Pneumatic Cylinder / Servo Motor Pneumatic Cylinder / Servo Motor
Film Pulling Driven By A.C Motor / Servo Motor A.C Motor / Servo Motor